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Kitchen & Bath China 2017

Here’s a reason why you should visit us:
Kitchen & Bath China 2017 is the most high-profile opportunity for us to showcase our Bathroom solutions for your Better Living . That’s why the latest innovations from three strong brands American Standard, DXV and INAX are unveiled right here. Innovations that redefine user experience, to make your life easier and more exciting!

When:31 May to 3 June 2017

Where:Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the New Products We’re Excited to Introduce

American Standard EasySET, for Your Extreme Shower Enjoyment

By integrating ergonomic designs and smart engineering, a comfortable and relaxing shower is now an everyday experience with just a convenient push of a button. Customize your perfect shower by simply pre-setting your preferred temperature
and volume of water and enjoy the same shower experience each time, with EasySET Shower System.

American Standard City Collection.
Transforming Bathrooms into Living Spaces.

Bathrooms aren’t just bathrooms anymore.
Functional rituals in the bathroom are evolving into a living space. American Standard City Collection sums up a personal sanctuary where you indulge in me-time, shower, dress and makeup – with American Standard’s latest offerings in one urban-chic collection.

Classic Chic Vanity Collection. Creating More Spaces for You.

Classics are evergreen. We add a spin on classic and infuse a contemporary touch to our Classic Chic vanities. For use with American Standard’s Kastello vessel basins and faucets, and Milano undercounter basin.

For the traditional at heart, with a contemporary soul. This series is sure to add class and taste to any decor.

Shower Toilet & E-Bidets. Embrace Comfort Every Day with a Splash of Freshness.

Inspired by form and simplicity, American Standard NEW Acacia Evolution’s shower toilet is technologically equipped with revolutionary enhancements like Air Shield Deodorizer, Plasmacluster, Triple Vortex flushing and Aqua Ceramic technology that keeps your toilet clean for 100 years. Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and hygiene.

American Standard offers a good selection of shower toilets and electronic bidet seats that are designed to deliver the same level of luxurious comfort and personal cleanliness to any discerning user.

PLAT Collection. Unibody. Comfort. Harmony.

PLAT by American Standard is designed to provide ultimate comfort in the bathroom. Featuring a seamless, modern design, the shower toilet comes with an easy-to-use touch remote control that is both stylish and intuitive. The aesthetic appeal extends to the basin and shower panel and the complete collection exudes style and harmony.

ActiClean A Button Away from the Cleanest Toilet.

A revolution in toilet technology has arrived.
With a simple push of a button, the new ActiClean self-cleaning toilet by American Standard sends a powerful stream of cleaning solution to scrub the bowl deep-scour clean.

SPECTRA Shower Collection. Enhancing Your Shower Experience.

American Standard SPECTRA Remote Control Showerhead offers 4 spray modes which can be controlled by a remote control that can be placed anywhere in the shower area. SPECTRA Touch Showerhead allows you to switch between spray modes by simply touching the showerhead. SPECTRA Duo provides easy upgrade from your current overhead shower into an overhead and a handshower combo. Ingenious!

GELCOAT Walk-In Bathtub.
Giving You a Safe, Relaxing Bathing Experience.

Enjoy a comfortable, accessible bathing experience with one of the walk-in tubs from American Standard. Featuring a large walk-in tub door, built-in comfort seat, deep soaking dimensions, and optional Quick Drain™ fast water removal system, our walk-in tubs make
bathing safe and relaxing.

OAK HILL® Collection The Best of Both Worlds

OAK HILL® Collection by DXV unites turn-of-the-century American craftsmanship with the latest in contemporary conveniences. The collection features a 30” spacious basin, freestanding soaking tub and a country look toilet, including a distinctive pull-flush knob.

FITZGERALD® Collection

Thoughtful, precise and elegant design reflecting an American society on the move. The collection showcases a freestanding soaking in tub, two-piece toilet and a pedestal lavatory.

Exploring the Avant-Garde with 3D Printed Faucets.

Creating new ways to artfully deliver water and redefine the user experience. American Standard explores the unimaginable and delivers the unexpected. Like a cascade thought to be found only in nature, several paths converge into a mindful river flow. This is tailored transitional design with a deliberate twist.

INAX Commercial Solutions

This easy-to-use wash basin countertop for public washrooms harmonizes architectural details and user ergonomics. An integrated shelf above the wash basin counter makes sure that belongings do not get wet. Designed with deep, smooth waves to prevent splash-back and improve drainage, the basin comes with an automatic faucet and soap dispenser which are sized differently to guide user interaction.

The ultrasonic wall hung sensor urinal offers a complementary feel to the wash basin countertop. With its ergonomic design, it allows the user to have a closer proximity with an ideal leg space and projection, for better comfort.

The 3-in-1 Jet Bowl features a hand washing function, soap dispenser and a hand dryer in 1 single bowl. Great convenience!